Who We Are

We are a collaboration of experienced filmmakers who've come together to create beautiful wedding music videos. We believe that you should enjoy your wedding day, so we have a hands off approach that ensures authentic moments are captured.

What We Offer

We know that planning a wedding is no easy task. You have dozens of decision to make and may feel overwhelmed. We want to keep things simple for you so we have a single package that we think is perfect. You'll receive a 3-4 minute Wedding Day Music Video and your full ceremony. And if you want more, you can add on a raw documentary video.

Marry Tales Wedding Package Includes

One videographer for up to 9 hours of wedding day coverage

Wedding Day Music Video (about 4 minutes)

Full Ceremony Video

How we deliver

Your Music Video and Ceremony Video will be delivered in online streaming and downloadable digital files. The streaming versions make sharing your video online easy and the Full HD digital files enables you to make as many copies as you'd like.


  • Whats a Wedding Day Music Video? - This is a short film that captures the essence of your day. It starts with you getting ready and ends with your reception or exit.
  • Can I share online? - Of course! We make it very easy for you to share your video with family and friends. It's one of our favorite parts!
  • Why only one videographer? - In many cases, more dosen't always equal better. For this type of film, one excellent videographer on your wedding day perfect. They will arrive early for the finishing touches of makeup and stay with you through the first look, family pictures, ceremony, and reception. The only reason that you would need a second videographer is if your groom wants someone in his room with him early in the day. If you and your groom are spending the day in the same location, we may still be able to capture both of you getting ready.
  • What is a "raw documentary video"? - This is one long video from all of the footage of your day.